American Milking Devon Cattle

• The American Milking Devon: Past & Present (56 minutes)

Backyard Green Films worked with the American Milking Devon Cattle Association (AMDCA) on this documentary about American Milking Devon Cattle. Sit down with two old time yankee farmers from New England who tell us stories and history of the American Milking Devon. From the Roman Empire to present day.

•The American Milking Devon: Past & Present (12 minutes)

• The American Milking Devon Oxen (20 minutes)

Backyard Green Films traveled across the U.S.the American Milking Devon. Here's a short video about one of the uses for this tri-purpose breed of cattle.

• Card Grading Milking Devon Cattle (1 hr 25 min)

The objective of card grading is to evaluate individual animals relative to a breed standard and assess their potential as breeding stock. Card grading, with its evaluation of all individuals within a group of animals, strengthens breeders’ understanding of the characteristics and attributes of their breed and, in turn, encourages the protection of genetic diversity within the breed. This is in contrast to competitive judging, which encourages uniformity by rewarding only a single “best” animal within a show class.

•Across the Fence produced by the University of Vermont Extension.

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