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Two five year old cows and one two year old heifer for sale. One of the cows has a four month old steer calf at her side.
For more information, contact Debby at or (570) 897-0120.      (10/09)
Registered AMDCA Bull and three mature Heifers for sale. All are good temperament and efficient grazers. Will sale all together or separate. Located in High Point, NC.
Contact Virgil Tucker at 336-870-4139 for more information and prices.      (11/03)

(2) One year old bulls, (1) March 2014 bull.
(1) Two year old heifer, (2) one year old heifers. Located in North Carolina.
Contact Patricia Howell 336-940-5143      (11/07)
Centurion Registered AMDCA bull, Centurion, son of Rufus. 8yr old. Located EC Iowa
Contact Menno Borntrager at 319-331-5141 for more info.      (12/11)
Herd for sale by Bruce and Christine Balch, Bunten Farm, Orford, New Hampshire
Click here for more information and/or phone 1-603-353-9066      (12/16)
Two (2) heifers. Located at Lyndonville, VT
Contact Ray Clark 802-626-8306      (12/16)
Two bred heifers from the Napoleon line. Located at Lyndonville, VT
Contact Ray Clark 802-626-8306      (12/16)
Two bull calves from the Napoleon line. Located at Lyndonville, VT
Contact Ray Clark 802-626-8306      (12/16)
Annie •Yearling heifer: halter trained, worked in yoke, used to meeting the public. Open, never exposed to bull. Rose will be 2 years old February 2015.
•Bred 2 year old heifer, due fall of 2015. Excellent manners, will be nice family milk and working cow.
•2014 heifer. Started in yoke, friendly.
• All are registered, dam raised, and never fed any grain or soy.
•In January I'll be delivering calves to Mississippi from SW Virginia. It would be more economical to have a full trailer. Call 276-237-2605 (cell) or 276-744-3207 (house) or e-mail      (12/20)


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