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Please note:
  1. Buy only validly registered cattle.
  2. Confirm that the person selling the cattle is the currently registered owner of them.
  3. Be sure that the person selling the cattle is a current member of the Association, since only a member can request a transfer.
  4. Be sure that the seller applies for the transfer of the registration. It is the seller who must submit the original certificate of registration to the registrar together with the buyer's name and address. If the application for a transfer of the registration is in order, the registrar will mail a new certificate to the buyer.
Two bred 4yo cows and two spring heifers.
Andrew Van Ord 412-795-5183,,      06/08
Two yr old bull. Hinesite Trapezoid #11000 born 6/10/2014. Sire Isosceles of the Nat'l Colonial Farm #10441,Dam Hinesite Sweet Annie #2015. Asking $1500,
contact Michael Hickman at 985-839-5722, or email Located in Franklinton LA 70438      06/23
Seven year old registered bull. Good breeder. $2,500
David Rapp 740-569-6118      06/23
Two beautiful March ’16 heifer calves from our line-breedingprogram.  Pictured at 5 days.  Long bodied, correct on feet, dams excellentmilkers and great disposition.  $2,000 at weaning.
  Richard Larson, 540-829-5683      06/23
(2) Eight months old bulls
Located at Lyndonville, VT
Contact Ray Clark 802-626-8306      06/23
Two beautiful, gentle, registered American Milking Devons for sale in central NYS. 100% grass fed. Two heifers (2 & 3 years). We can breed if preferred. Harrier Field Farm Rex genetics. Both have very low Coefficients of Inbreeding (.171% and.562%). Looking for great home with barn access preferably in the Northeast. Price negotiable. Photos available.
Stu McCarty / Lynn Thor 607-693-3378      06/29
Calf Pasture Burgoyne #11020 b. 7/17/2014. Sire: C. P. Ticonderoga #10897 Dam: C.P. Sweet Lexington #1760. He is good natured, beautiful with excellent lines. My husband says he is the best employee he ever had--right off the truck, he went right to work and did a great job! At not quite two years old, he's produced beautiful calves here and will be available for pick up in mid-September with a modest deposit. We'd like him to breed back the ladies first. $1,600. Willing to trade for acceptable yearling unrelated bull.
Tim/Mary Thompson Cape Split Farm, Addison, Me. 04606 207-483-4777.      07/22
Cape Split Farm Max born 6/4/16 (registration applied for) to Calf Pasture Burgoyne #11020 and Windhorse Farm Marigold #2301. He is a heavy, personable, boy with excellent bloodlines ready to go in mid-September to a good home. He is handled every single day and is calm with chickens, barn cats, and his extended family. $800.
Tim/Mary Thompson Cape Split Farm, Addison, Me. 04606 207-483-4777.      07/22
Colorado born and trained registered oxen. Worked with since birth. Ready to go.
Please call Rollie Johnson at 719-481-9376 or email at      07/28
Three Eagles Knox -- Colorado born and raised beautiful registered bull. Grandsire is Williamsburg Valentino. Coming two years of age. Eager to go.
Please call Rollie Johnson at 719-481-9376 or email at      07/28
Cherry. DOB 9/3/2014. Bred.
Call Patricia Howell at 336-940-5143.      07/30
Thomas. DOB 2/10/2015
Call Patricia Howell at 336-940-5143.      07/30
Friesha. DOB 2/18/2015. Bred.
Call Patricia Howell at 336-940-5143.      07/30
Two registered young cows (3 years old), bred for late this year or early next year calves. Tame and good mothers, $2,000 each in west Tn.
Stuart 731-212-1554      08/10
Breeding age bull
Located at Lyndonville, VT
Contact Ray Clark 802-626-8306      (08/10)
Two young bulls (Sep / Oct 2015)- $1000 each; Two open heifers (Mar / May 2015)- $1250 each and One cow (Aug 2010) bred for spring 2016 - $2000. All are registered and located near Elgin, OK. Will sell separately or would consider a package rate for all.
Contact Karrie Lovins at 580-917-4593 or      (08/22)


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